Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm doing my strong woman number...

So it's been a while but my thesis proposal is almost complete! Huzzah! I don't have much new to say but I am exceedingly proud of my chapter titles for my outline. They start with song lyrics from songs by the ladies I am talking about in that specific chapter...yay!!! Anyway they may still need tweaking but over all I'm very happy so here they are to make your day too!

I. Introduction (I'm still working on that one)
II. “Blazing Trails Along the Byway”: Rida Johnson Young, Dorothy Donnelly and Anne Caldwell
III. “Nobody Does it Like Me”: Dorothy Fields and Betty Comden
IV. “Three To Make Music”: Trude Rittman and Mary Rodgers
V. “Strong Woman Number”: Elizabeth Swados and Gretchen Cryer and Nancy Ford
VI. “We Can Never Go Back to Before”: Jeanine Tesori and Lynn Ahrens and Others
VII. Conclusion (Clearly that one will get more exciting too)

p.s. the "book" is now titled There is Nothing Like a Dame: Celebrating Women Writers in Musical Theater.


Back to work.