Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dear Friend,

Why are letters so awesome?

I forced Evan to write letters to me when we started dating because I insisted that someday all our emails would be lost and even if they weren't I could never keep them in a romantically perfumed box. So I have a romantically perfumed box with our love letters in them...that I hope my grandchildren will find.

But getting entirely to the point. I spent today at the Library of Congress...not finding out quite as much about Trude as I would like but still getting some gems. Mostly from Joshua Logan's papers. He saved several letters from Trude. They make me feel more attached, because I feel so much like her in so many least I write letters like her :)

I don't think the Library of Congress will much mind if I reprint my favorite's a letter she sent to Josh on November 8, 1954 just after Fanny opened (their second show working together) :

Dear Josh,
Thank you so much for that wonderful basket a la francais. It touched and cheered me up (I had the opening night blues and didn’t go!)
I shall drink a toast to you no less affectionate than Panisse to his wife. There are never enough words to express what working with you means to me. (I have no gift for words) and so instead, I send you an affectionate hug and kiss. How I wish you could rest now-
All my love to Tom and Nedda

That's just a short one...none of them were very long but there were all very sweet. Holding them in my hand was amazing. It moves me deeply. As do letters in general.