Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Everybody Rise!

So as 2009 comes to a close...(what just happened this year anyway?) I'd like to propose a toast: to doing more and realizing you know less. This year I've finally decided I'm allowed to think of myself as a writer (Joel said I should and I worship Joel Schechter). I've also directed a show and a half...and while no one over 18 was in these shows...I still brought together some theatre and enjoyed doing it....another interesting observation. I've also taught a little more, I can now saw I've taught ages 1-20...not all the same thing of course...so that means I can teach more than one thing. I even got to lecture about musical theatre...twice! I wrote some lyrics for a non existent show and my boyfriend put music to them so I hereby officially announce I have co-written a song.
And with all of that my plans for 2010 are...
1) write about Trude...Trude will be my stability for the next 6 months as my thesis finally gets underway for real, starting with a trip to New York next week.
2) wallow in job hunting and unemployment as I try in vain to figure out what I'm really gonna do with my life. In theory by June I will have a masters degree and a long thesis about Trude Rittman but neither of these things guarantee employment.
So as we get closer to closing out this year (anybody else creeped out that it's also the close of the decade?) I'm anxious as usual, but more than a little pleased that somehow I did so much this year. And while I made the big jump of moving to a three bedroom rental house, two of my best friends got married and now one is pregnant (congrats Anne and Greg!) and I still don't know what I'm doing with the rest of my life. Huzzah!
In any case I've just about decided that maybe I should open my readership up (you know to more than just Annie and Lena) by posting this link on my facebook page....sort of to chronicle the thesis writing process. I'm thinking about it. Anyway. Much love to anyone who does read this and happy new year whatever it my bring.